IGN: The Many Looks of Batman

Batman has experienced a long, if troubled, relationship with the gaming community. Since the first Batman game was released over 20 years ago, just about every console you can imagine has been blessed (or cursed) with an appearance by the Caped Crusader.

2008 is looking to be a real banner year for Batman, though. This week sees the release of Lego Batman, a game that follows in the tradition of past Lego projects by rendering the city of Gotham in a cute, blocky format. Shortly after that, gamers everywhere will be pounding the snot out of each other in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Looking forward, at least one high profile Batman game is being prepped for next year.

With all this Batty gaming goodness about, IGN figured it was a perfect time to step back and examine the many looks of Batman in his gaming career. From the early, pixellated platforming titles to the modern 3-D adventures, Batman has been quite the busy crime fighter.

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