Project Scorpio - Ultimate Way to Play 360 Games?

Sure, the new Project Scorpio makes Forza look incredible, but what will it do for the plethora of backward compatible Xbox 360 games?

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deathtok77d ago

Yup, if I get a Scorpio, I'll definitely be going through some of my backlog. I still have Red Dead's Undead Nightmare to get to! :)

77d ago
Armyntt77d ago

What are we realistically going to see with 360 games on Scorpio? Legit question

deathtok77d ago

Anything that is backward-compatible on Xbox One according to the Eurogamer write-up.

Armyntt77d ago

I get it'll be BC. But is going to make them look any better? They all should have no screen tearing if I understand.

deathtok77d ago


Read the Eurogamer article, all your questions will be answered.

Movefasta199377d ago (Edited 77d ago )

They said better frame rates , therefore less or no tearing and added af to smooth out the Jags to give a smoother pic

Trekster_Gamer77d ago

Faster load times, better framerates to be sure..