Capcom: Beware Street Fighter IV "Gray Market"

Edge writes: "Even though Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets haven't officially gone on sale in the U.S., that hasn't kept North American fans and certain arcade establishments from getting caught up in SFIV import fever.

But Capcom kindly reminds U.S. arcades that importing pricey, gray market SFIV arcade boards isn't exactly lawful.

Noting that enterprising individuals have imported SFIV boards for personal use, Capcom's Chris Kramer added, "Nothing is keeping arcade owners in the U.S. from following suit, except for import laws.'"

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ErcsYou3706d ago

So coin-op express is selling bootlegs? i doubt it since they come with all the original material. They were probably stripped out of a vewlix. Besides, how else are they going to sell the "international" version if they don't export just the boards. I would hate to see the shipping price on 4 vewlix cabs. I think edge has there information mixed up.

ShinMaster3706d ago isn't new to Street Fighter.

Tacki3706d ago

I'm going for the Street Fighter IV Arcade Kitchens.