Will a New Star Fox Game Come to the Nintendo Switch?

Developer of the original Star Fox would love a Switch game.

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FallenAngel1984592d ago

Would Nintendo even make a sequel to a franchise who's last mainline installment didn't even sell a million

greysun123592d ago

If another developer handles the game and doesn't have shitt motion controls

_-EDMIX-_592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

That's the thing I don't want another developer touching this game, Nintendo needs to make it in house and they need to stop Outsourcing their damn games.

(If you mean another developer like Nintendo then I definitely agree)

All I want from Starfox is very simple fly straight, shoot stuff ,give me blue lasers and occasional all range mode

If they made a Star Fox game that was basically just Star Fox 64 with different levels and better-looking I would buy that game in a heartbeat, I'm not asking for any of the garbage that they've been releasing for the past two decades this is literally getting absolutely ridiculous on how badly this company has butchered this property.

_-EDMIX-_592d ago

Better question is if it's going to be the quality of the previous do we even want any? I'm more worried about the quality of The Next Star Fox game as opposed to whether or not we get one or not because I'm kind of tired of getting crappie games.

MilkMan592d ago

It better, Zero was such a pile of dungheap that the only enjoyment I got was from the semi-tower defense game they also created. That's crazy.

quent592d ago

a re remake of starfox 64 would be nice to have on the switch