The Last of Us - Review

The people from Sirus went back to play a 2013 favorite, The Last of Us (PS3, not the remastered). It's still one of the best games in gaming history.

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BlakHavoc168d ago

I'm soooo ready for Pt 2, it's scary since it's a follow up to Pt 1, but Neil said to trust the team. Either way I'm sure it'll be amazing and I can't wait to see more of it.

TFJWM167d ago

I believe it will be great, if they didn't have a killer story for it they would have put it on the back burner.

THamm167d ago

I finally played this recently as well. After beating it I would say it was great, just not a 10 for me, it was lacking a little something. I liked the father-daughter/the Professional aspect, would loved to have seen a similar MgsV storyline with Big Boss and Sniper Wolf

Donnie81167d ago

I really connected to the characters in tlou. When the game first came out my daughter was only a few months old so a certain part really hit home with me. Amazing game that tells a griping tale that just pulls you in. One of the few games I'd ever give a 10. Here's hoping part 2 is worthy of tlou name because it has big shoes to fill.

Kubark167d ago

Why did this get down-voted? People suck.

Veneno167d ago

Because ND won't be able to match the greatness of tlou. Just like they never surpassed Uncharted 2

RommyReigns166d ago

The infected down-voted Donnie's comment, one was from a runner, the next was from a stalker and the last down-vote was from a bloater.

Erik7357167d ago

Imo it was better than Uncharted. This one will be great I know.

SillyBastid167d ago

this game make me feel good inside, i rate it as good outside ok, thanks

Artemidorus166d ago

I need to finish this game, enjoyable but not the best game for me.

Understandably new on the Playstation 3 would gain high scores.

RommyReigns166d ago

This game (I played the remaster recently) made me a better gamer since completing it, the overall experience, the survival aspect and how it felt to search every nook and cranny of the world has changed my play style in other games ranging from Uncharted 4 to Horizon. The game isn't 'fun' but that's exactly how it should be, it's not 'fun' in an apocalyptic world where the aim is to survive. Now I embrace and immerse myself in gaming environments instead of blasting through games just to get through them. Best game I've ever played.