Buy Your Own Halo Energy Sword for $50

Kotaku has reported that there is a company selling an unlicensed replica of the Energy Sword found in Halo 3. If the image at right is any indication, this looks about as realistic as it gets. Retailing at a mere $49.99, this bargain looks like a wet dream to any Master Cheif fanatic...

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'_'3435d ago

{this is a waste of your money}

Radiodread3435d ago

I was gonna take one of these energy swords on a date tonight! OH CRAP NOW MY PLANS ARE RUINED THANKS A LOT! I thought energy swords were the way to go to woo a woman. Ah the things I'll never know. I crack myself up.

swiftshot933435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

it takes a special kind of stupid to spend $50 for this

Edit: lol @disagrees. ok then you'd have to be a genuis to spend $50 on this.... better?

ps360s3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

to the Halo fans it be a no...just like fans of games they would buy a game at full price or the special editions...or comic collector (any other collectors for that matter) ect ect.

It's not stupid at all if you ask me... but then I don't buy fakes...

dericb113435d ago

Well the good news is its the holiday season and people will gift this junk and it will be found in attics and basements across the U.S. Kind of reminds me of the 70's and 80's stuff sold to people and now there kids find it and wonder what the hell there parents was thinking. Now they can be the silly parents.

Xi3435d ago

Buying the metal gear solid comics, the fallout lunch box, or any other toy's action figures related to videogames.

It's called merchandising, and just because you don't think it's worth $50 doesn't mean someone is an idiot for thinking otherwise.

schmeidenkamp3435d ago


*flinches in preparation for the vast amount of hate coming my way*

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Tacki3435d ago

If it propels me forward like 20 feet when I swing it then I'm all for it!

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