Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 Greatly Improves Default Sara Ryder, Comparison Inside

Here is a comparison between the new default Sara Ryder Character model that is improved in the latest patch for Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Stevonidas410d ago

If EA thinks they can salvage this pile of crap by releasing some bullshots featuring improved facial textures, they've got another thing coming.

Don't be fooled, people.

Perjoss410d ago

Exaggeration, the game is not bad it's just buggy, they absolutely can fix it with patches. People who don't like buggy games should totally avoid it for now but once it's been patched up there is no reason not to have some fun with this game.

UCForce410d ago

It's improve a lot. I hate to say this, but thank you, Bioware. For listening the community. Even I know the game should have delay in the first place, but i'm glad Bioware are listening.

_-EDMIX-_410d ago

Agreed. I haven't played it yet, but I've watched enough of it online and it looks really good.

Most of what I've read about the game is better then the other Mass Effects besides its story and those bugs. So I'm ok with buying it later on.

Elimin8410d ago

" People who don't like buggy games" ?

Damn. I mean who the fuck does?

Perjoss410d ago

"Damn. I mean who the fuck does?"

Well I've played loads of beta tests and I've gotten used to playing unfinished games, games like Ark and Subnautica for example were broken as hell when they first went into early access but were still loads of fun.

Tru_Blu410d ago

Elimin8, I'd say no one but then I'd be lying. Myself and a few others keep buying Bethesda games for some reason.

Takwin410d ago

They cannot fix how boring it is. Bland and uninteresting. It is also buggy with poor animations. And so few enemies. And ridiculous forced mini-cutscenes to go everywhere.

I'm now at 72 hours and I don't remember much. Zelda and Horizon, however, those will stick with me for a lifetime. And Persona seems to be just as good as Zelda and Horizon.

Mass Effect was a MASSIVE LETDOWN.

InMyOpinion409d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda is an awesome game despite its initial bugs. I'm enjoying it just as much as the previous titles tbh.

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sabersmen410d ago

Then I must be a terrible gamer, because I really enjoyed that pile of crap? :P

MatrixxGT410d ago

I haven't bought it yet but I will. Just don't have the time to invest in another rpg yet. Just finished H:ZD.

Jon_Targaryen409d ago

I know right?!?! I enjoy this game more than Bukake on Pandamovies.

_-EDMIX-_410d ago



Game has issues, they need to fix it.

Don't be fooled by them trying to fix it.


Trekster_Gamer410d ago

Agreed this game is crap I need to file it away under crap learn from it and make the next game awesome!

UCForce409d ago

Nope. It's far from being crap.

MadMax410d ago

Game isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Gameplay itself is great. Weird facial animations sometimes, but that's mainly with the chic. Have not noticed this with the dude much. It really does not take away from the gameplay at all.

ThatOneRiggaNob410d ago

Have you even played the game or are you just talking trash about it because you've seen vids on the bugs? Overall the game is still pretty good and the bugs barely take away from the experience. When the bugs hit they do hit but definitely not enough to take away from all the good this game has.

TacticAce410d ago

I highly doubt this guy even played the the game...

freshslicepizza410d ago

"If EA thinks they can salvage this pile of crap by releasing some bullshots featuring improved facial textures, they've got another thing coming."

you sound like those who people talk about on user reviews for metacritic where the last call of duty was rated a 0. you guys are such extremists where there is no middle of the road, either a game is fantastic or it sucks.

starchild410d ago

Exactly. How these people think and behave is simply ridiculous.

joab777410d ago

This game is amazing and I am pretty harsh in games. The more I play the more I love it. Unlike the previous games, this game opens up and allows you to actually feel like a space explorer. More Star Trek than Star Wars, it blends the rpg elements with the action combat perfectly.

Yeah, it's rough with human faces but they are working in it. To any ME fan, you MUST play this!

Jon_Targaryen409d ago

To OP..You're whats wrong with gaming... GTFO!

JMyers409d ago

Fallout and other Bethesda games have many more issues than this game... Graphics, facial animations, textures, etc. The backlash for this game is ridiculous.

mysterious_warrior409d ago

Game still has a fuck ton of bugs. And Yes people are going to be fooled...

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Der_Kommandant410d ago

Well, I'm gonna buy the game when is fully patched, this is why you don't do preorders.

raWfodog410d ago

Yeah, I can still wait quite some time to buy this. Right now, my time is consumed by HZD and then it will be onto Persona 5.

RpgSama410d ago

What about Male Ryder or do they think Male Ryder doesn't have any issues?

lreyna410d ago

Female Ryder had more issues that Male Ryder. It's why so many gifs and webms focus on her.

desacitepe409d ago

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AnubisG410d ago

Better, but she is still ugly. Certainly an improvement though.

opinionated410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

It is better though. Why didn't they just use the voice actresses likeness? Face mocap and all. Because she's an attractive woman? I hope not, that's the dumbest reason I have heard so far. I hope it's because they outsourced the animation, which is still shitty but less crazy. Why even bother making games at that point though? Outsourcing your characters in a character driven game lol.

pasta_spice410d ago

Yeah there was an interview about a week ago with the animators that confirmed the character animations were all outsourced to a cheaper studio because EA wanted the team to focus on the 'important' stuff like locations and ship design. That's why there's such a difference between the backgrounds and ships (which look great), and the people (which....don't).

opinionated410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Yeah I heard some of that. Hopefully the official statement is true. Maybe bioware should just get outsourced lol. They could make great landscapes all day so developers can focus on the characters and gameplay.

Chaosdreams410d ago

From the screenshots, it looks like a massive improvement. The eyes are important so them fixing it/tweaking it, does a lot.

GameReviewGuy410d ago

Any game company that is looking to fix there issues rather than just leaving them out to dry is a good thing. Yes, there most definitely are bugs in the game and it feels like the game was taken out of the oven before it was done but I'm glad Bioware is working on this.

ziggurcat410d ago

they refused to fix some major issues in Dragon Age: Origins on PS3, and I haven't purchased a single Bioware game since. They took to blaming the HW rather than improving their skills with the PS3's architecture.

Sam Fisher410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Well damn you missed really good game, im not buying this till its 30$ idc how long will it take. But still buying it