Sackboy Can Be Your Favorite Japanese Role Model

GameXtract writes "Did you manage to snag a beta key recently? We surely have been having a hard time ourselves, but we have decided we'll be proper, and wait till the North American beta keys start arriving. That does not stop us though from posting foreign content! Media Molecule has released another trailer towards Japanese fans of the game. The theme is Japanese movie actors, and is showing how you can customize Sackboy to like any of your favorite role models. Japanese role models of course…catch the video after the jump!"

Video after the jump!

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pwnsause3681d ago

best trailer ever. nuff said.

SmartPS3Owner3681d ago

You must have a PS3. You're a Smart PS3 Owner like me.

Pebz3681d ago

This game really does look amazing and will set a standard for future gaming. Might even force Microsoft to reconsider their user-created content policy, and then all gamers are in for a real treat.

T-Baggins3681d ago

That's Korean not Japanese, very cool none the less.

Tacki3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Finally someone pointed that out!

The actors are (in order of appearence): Jung Woo-sung, Lee Byung-hun, and Song Kang-ho. Also, the movie the posters are from is called The Good, the Bad and the Weird.

Yes, I'm a big fan of Asian cinema.

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