Spore sells over a million in just over two weeks

Will Wright's universe sim Spore has sold over one million copies since its launch earlier this month, EA has just announced. Since hitting store shelves on September 7th for the PC, Mac and Nintendo DS, gamers have created over 25 million creatures, vehicles and buildings, all viewable online over at Sporepedia.

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silverchode3529d ago

dont know why but i find this hard to belive.

Charmers3529d ago

I don't see why this is hard to believe. It isn't unusual for PC games to sell millions of copies and this game has been released on 3 formats. I believe Crysis sold 1 million in it's first month, this game is bound to do better due to it being more accessible than Crysis. There is a reason why companies keep releasing games on the PC you know, whilst it isn't as profitable as the consoles it is still profitable.

The only worrying part of all this is the DRM, obviously the protests haven't had much of an effect sales wise so that probably means this DRM is here to stay which pretty much kills my gaming hobby.

STFUAJPG3529d ago

I am also amazed that this game sold this well. It is a decent game in my opinion and could of been alot better.

No, Crysis did not sell 1 million in it's first month. If I remember correctly it only sold 150k it's first month. It took about 6 months for it to reach 1 million.

lelo3529d ago


You are thinking about US sales... about a article that come out in December last year and made a lot of fuss about the sales of Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 in America. In Europe it had more sales then US.