Resistance 2: Big Story Big Bosses Interview

GameTrailers writes:

"Go for something more vibrant than reality."

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ThatCanadianGuy3734d ago

Holy f*ck!!!

Did you see towards the end!?! there was like 100 enemies all charging at him!! that's insane!!!!!!!!

THC CELL3734d ago

F**k the enemies DID u see that Liquid water effect

Omg that is sweet best water i have seen since Uncharted

JustinSaneV23734d ago

The water is good but not Crysis on the highest setting good. ;)

Can't wait to play this game!

pwnsause3734d ago

lets keep the topic on consoles instead of the PC.

JustinSaneV23733d ago

Why? What difference does it make? It's all gaming.

Besides, consoles are basically computers that go in your living room and plug into your TV.

Kleptic3733d ago

thats from the co-op, in yesterdays interviews price confirmed that there would literally be more than 100 enemies in a single frame during co-op...

its somewhere in there I believe, if not kotaku had it up too...but i am not digging around that dump for it...

either way though, that is crazy...especially considering its online...left 4 dead was supposed to be the game with swarms of enemies screaming at you, but apparently Resistance 2 holds up just fine on its own in that department...

and yeah holy crap...the graphics really getting crazy...especially in single player...I never thought it would end up looking that good...and don't write off the water just yet...Price was very happy with how their water tech that they can make it murky and cloudy, or crystal clear with mirrored reflections...or both...and that all those types are used all through the game...refractive, reflective, and totally dynamic ripples...come a long way since 2006...

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Raoh3734d ago

game is going to be great................... cant wait..

insomniac has been on their A game since day one with the ps3.. i cant wait to see what they are going to work on next.

Rofflecopter3733d ago

i completely agree. this will be the third insomniac game i own for ps3 alone!

blusoops3733d ago

I'm really impressed by what i'm seeing from Insomniac! That water looks absolutely stunning....even in this crap quality video! I certainly can NOT wait for this game! Day one purchase without a doubt!

DFresh3733d ago

This is so cool.
Best shooter of 2008.
Can't wait to get the Collector's Edition in November.

lociefer3733d ago

this is what u get from sony first party games + a really ambitious team PURE AWESOMENESSSS

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