Console Monster: Call of Duty: World at War Preview

Console Monster writes: "Call of Duty: World at War is almost upon us, brought to our door steps once more, this time by Treyarch (don't stop reading) with its release imminent we'd like to show you that we're fairly confident that this instalment should be worth your hard-earned cash.

When Call of Duty's Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty 4 would be going in to Modern Warfare it was greeted by mixed emotions from gamers and press alike. Taking the Call of Duty series 60+ years in to the future featuring current conflicts with coalition forces in Afghanistan and IraQ. How can you top a game with such success as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? Treyarch answer the call of duty with World at War, taking the fight to the Imperial Japanese in the Pacific theatre.

Call of Duty fans will know that Infinity Ward have always had a knack for storytelling and always deliver intense and emotional scenes via their games. Treyarch are taking it to the next step of storytelling with a darker, grittier story which holds no punches and shows you how foul and brutal war really is..."

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