Saints Row 2 Vehicles - Very Impressive

Volition just updated SaintsRow.Com. Now the vehicle section is unlocked and you can see some of the vehicles that will be used in Saints Row 2.


- Tornado ( Cobra Helicopter )
- Parrot ( WW1 or 2 Airplane )
- Jet ( Gulfstream 5500 Private Jet )
- Mongoose ( Desert Racing Car )
- Phoenix ( Dodge Challenger ? )
- Toad ( 4-wheel-drive used in Beach )
- Alaskan ( A nice truck )
- Sabretooth ( HarleyDavindson )
- Bezier ( Lambo )
- Corsette ( WW1/2 Airplane )
- Hurrican ( Hyrdoplane Boat )
- Danville ( old Muscle car like Impala )

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cyguration3402d ago

News is getting published really slow here. Why aren't some of these more interesting stories being approved?

ChrisGTR13402d ago

its a community site where the members in it are the dumbasses putting up all this news and working like dogs for free. i simply dont get it, i dont even know if there still paying the top contributors but the 400$ that they pay is nothing when you look at all the work their putting into the site.

richieb3402d ago

Wow at haters lol, I personally am looking foreword to this game,it looks loads more fun that IV. Day one purchase for me ;)