8BitJoystick Review: Wild Arms

8Bitjoystick: "The Gameplay is a bit typical but has a lot of unique features. You use your D-pad to choose what attacks you want to choose while in 3D gameplay. Something that is a bit frustrating is when you walk there is a kind of step limit until you encounter a monster so that might be a distraction but that was how RPG's were made at the time. You can change your characters weapons and items. Speaking of weapons I wanted to talk about probably the main feature of the game...ARMS!!! ARMs(Ancient Relic Machines) are forbidden weapons which you can upgrade and buy bullets for them. When you shoot an enemy you can inflict a ton of damage to your opponent. The only person in your group that owns an ARM is Rudy! The gameplay is just extremely addictive and has a lot of cool features but is not too complex, so any newbie in RPG's can start with this game and even hardcore Final Fantasy players can go all out with this game! The unique in this game that the 3D gameplay layout with how you can choose with the D-pad directions and is a very easy to use layout, the music is AMAZING!!! The 2D exploration gameplay is very unique and really hard to explain but is very sandboxy type exploration and finally the story is very well made with a lot of plot twists and cool events."

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