Action Trip: Crysis Warhead Review

Action Trip writes: "Speaking as someone who completed Crysis, I must say the folks at Crytek delivered an excellent first-person shooter, giving it a gripping cinematic edge to boot. Of course, in order to witness the game in its full visual might you needed some sort of futuristic super-PC, stuffed with enough video memory so it doesn't choke and scream in agony, while the incredible amount of detail is being rendered on screen.

We're almost one year away from the first game and I think it's safe to say things haven't changed much. Okay, it does run a tad smoother than its predecessor, so to run Crysis Warhead in "very high" settings at least you may not need an imaginary, super-high-tech-monster of a rig (preferably one that's manufactured by Skynet or some alien race with technology superior to our own)."

+It's a fair bargain
+Excellent multiplayer
+Exciting single-player campaign
+Cinematic atmosphere

-"High settings" still demanding for modest rigs
-AI bugs present from the original game

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