Microsoft's New Xbox Ad Campaign Begins Badly

Microsoft has announced a new ad campaign for the Xbox 360 that looks to be the largest in the short history of the Xbox franchise. Called "Live Your Moment", it hopes to appeal to the casual market, which the Xbox 360 hasn't done so hot in. These advertisements will be appearing across the nation on billboards, TV, print, and anywhere else you can buy advertising space.

So far, everything make sense? Seems like a good move on Microsoft's part, right? Now watch the first advertisement.

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'_'3584d ago

{Everything xbox sucks so im not surprised as well}

Microsoft_Spokesman3584d ago

What I understand is that xbots have empty brains and have nothing to think about but cheesy music.

---------Nona-------3584d ago

Microsoft spokesman wtf were you guys thinking putting out such a horrendous ad?!?!?

Gam713584d ago

And the empty headed trolls are out.

God damn care in the community.

Microsoft_Spokesman3584d ago


BTW I love the disagree. Oooohhh! I'm down to 6 bubbles!

ProfessionalTroll3584d ago

I never thought Microsoft would launch a flop bigger than too human,but here we are

Freezingduck3584d ago

Wow M$ failed

"try to reach the casual market?"

Overr8ed3584d ago

M$ tried to pull off a Sony like Ad and FAILS!!!! at least most of Sony's ads made sense this one is a pure no no.

Anton Chigurh3584d ago


SDF Activated

Shane Kim3584d ago

You can put the balme on meee (on me), yeah you can put the blame on me (on me)....

nonAsianDroid3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

alright keep the Microsoft Xbox Ad articles coming

:/ us droids must stay obssesed with bill gates

Pain3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

That was More Gay then a Super homo at the Mega-Gay pride parade in Brazil.

or was it telling you that Xbots have Huge Spaces between there Ears where a Brain should be?

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SmartPS3Owner3584d ago

I dont think it was Smart of them.

Saigon3584d ago

but i think it is going to confuse people at first to what is going on...remember weird commercials do not have high replay value...

Monchichi0253584d ago

I would say it's a good commercial. Although it should be more descriptive on what she is playing. The image is kinda small. But then again, on a tv it will look a lot bigger.

power of Green 3584d ago

I thought the ad was sweet so did all my friends when the ad aired on monday night football.

Of course we all thought it was a HDTV ad untill the camera panned around the back of her head.

Haters and some media are going to say anything from MSFT is going to fail/sucks.

The ad got my attention(appealing plus at first trying to figure it out). best ad from MSFT and better then most game ads.

u got owned3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

The commercial doesn't intend to promote rock band, this is an Institutional/retail ad people, the writer of this article is just plain retarded.

The commercial is telling you that you can have this special moment that she's having with the xbox experience and just for only 199.99

BulletToothtony3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

and say.. Hey come on over.. "LET'S ROCK TONIGHT" and then show everyone doing their thing...

that appeals to the NON hardcore gamers..

it's simple and it works..

these commercials are just bad.. who comes up with these ideas and why doesn't everyone notices that they're wrong

think i'm a fanboy?? i hate the europe sony's commercials just as much!!

with so much potential they have to come up with this crap!!!

Montrealien3584d ago

Blog says : I don`t like the new 360 add.

did I miss something? I think it is decent.

u got owned3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

@ 1.5 - why is it so hard to come up with a commercial with one person calling 3 of their friends
and say.. Hey come on over.. "LET'S ROCK TONIGHT" and then show everyone doing their thing...

that appeals to the NON hardcore gamers.. "

Your idea works, but it's not creative. You need creative concepts to sell, is the same as in games you need creativity to make great games. Is obvious that you don't understand the Advertising business. Go to an Advertising Agency and tell them your idea and you'll see what happens. Dont take my comment personal im just saying you need to find creative ways to advertise your product that way you differentiate from your competition.

Mike134nl3584d ago

Marketing wise there is nothing wrong with this commercial unless they where trying to sell rockband instead of more xbox360 consoles.

Microsoft is exactly doing what they said they where going to do. Reaching out to a broader market. Seems like they are trying to attract more female gamers with this commercial.

No Way3584d ago

What's so hard to understand, about it?

Sitdown3584d ago

with everybody who has said that it is not about advertising Rock Band...but the $199 console. I think the commercial set out to raise curiosity and intrigue people...and once you bait people with can go from there.

Xelai3584d ago

I dont like the commercial really, reminds me of some other "smart" ads some other companies have used that usually creep me.

For the casual market the Nintendo "corny" ads are much better in my opinion.

The best thing about this ad, is that it is the first and there is wide room for improvement.

TheDude2dot03584d ago

What are you on guys?

The commercial made no sense. Why is there a stage in the back of a person's head?

HyperBear3584d ago

the author of this story is just getting hammered by the people replying on his blog. Just read the comments for yourself, its funny how this author makes no sense about a commercial thats fairly easy to understand, if you "think" outside the box about it.

StephanieBBB3583d ago

The problem with this commercial is not that it's hard to understand or that it's poorly executed.

The problem is that it sparks absolutly no interest in me to go out and buy an xbox360.

gta_cb3583d ago

although its a weird one i saw it on tv earlier 2day and thought it was pretty cool advertising the 360 and rockband =)

TheDude2dot03583d ago

Okay, since everyone seems to understand this commercial completely, explain to me why there is a stage in the back of a smiling woman's head.

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HighDefinition3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


That`s all that makes me think of.

DreDawgg063584d ago

The commercial is good, This writer is a hater and if you have trouble identifying Rock Band with this commercial than your an idiot.

Gam713584d ago

I identified it was rock band from the start.

This wont confuse gamers just parents that expect an advert for computer games to have mario in them.

xhi43584d ago

the commercial was pretty cool, thumbs up!

I reckon they should make more punchy liberating kind of ad's like Sony's ones last year with the Black liquidy thing being a whole world and stuff. That would really appeal to me.

Sarick3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I saw the button and them pressing the green ring. I was under the impression that they cut the take just before a RROD. In my mind it turned red and started flashing after the the cut with the woman staring at the screen in irony with an OMG shock followed with a grin.

At first, I truly thought this was a sarcastic commercial like the kid playing the black and white gameboy and smacking himself on the head to get color. Seriously, when I saw that face I thought she was looking at a RROD and grinning in irony not in awe.

Woah, I thought it was a competitors smear add at first. I then realized it wasn't that as it was showing rock band on 360. Needless to say that WTF factor caught my attention. I had to watch the full commercial to realize it wasn't what I initially thought it was about.

It was an ok commercial because I didn't fast forward through it using DVR. :)

badz1493584d ago

I think many will disagree with that! for a gamer, (be it casual or serious gamer) maybe you'll notice that's Rock Band but I don't think this ad is only watched by people who play games! this ad is for everybody and I'm sure there's a lot of other people out there have no idea! are they all idiots?

likedamaster3583d ago

It wasn't trying to promote rockband anyway... but the xbox 360's pricecut. Cheaper than the Wii, and more games than the PS3. Get over it.

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Tidus113584d ago

I don't think that commercial was as bad as the writer made it out to be.....

RememberThe3573584d ago

But I got kind of weirded out when I realized half of her head was gone.