ONM: Mushroom Men: Rise Of The Fungi Preview

ONM writes: "If there's one type of game that the Wii has more than enough of, it's platform games. Great games like Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic And The Secret Rings aside, the little white box has so many bland, generic platformers available for it that it would take something special to make an impact. Thankfully, Mushroom Men looks like it may fit the bill perfectly.

As far as plots go, Mushroom Men's is one of the most curious we've heard in a while. A large comet passes by from space and narrowly misses the Earth, but in the process rains a mysterious green dust down on the planet. Earth's scientists tell people not to worry, claiming that the dust is harmless and won't have an effect on humans. What they don't realise is that it does have an effect on small plants like mushrooms and cacti: it animates them and makes them gain human-like consciousness. With this newly-developed life, the plant people start grouping themselves into tribes based on their species, and eventually war breaks out between the various tribes. In the game you play as Pax, a small mushroom lad trying to survive while exploring the vast new world that faces him."

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