The Clear Cut Case for Qore's resident ranter defends Qore.

From the article: "Qore caused quite a backlash when it was announced… and then when it was released. People have a real problem separating Fact from FUD. Future Publishing announced today that they're working on a second digital magazine to be distributed via Playstation Network, this time looking at a weekly format targeting the UK market. Future Publishing, behind Qore in the US, describes this new magazine as a "digital magazine" that "will include news, reviews, features and high definition video content." That's it; that's the extent of their description of this new product. Already, in the Sarcastic Gamer forums, we've heard cries of anger and disgust over having to pay for demos/betas and having to wait so long after the US getting Qore that people are planning to boycott this simply due to the delay. Wow, over react much guys?!?!"

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rogimusprime3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I've gotten 3 free issues of core throught my subscription to P:TOM (im in the US). I have to say I'm not impressed. I can really get most of the info from the internet.

I was told I would get a betacode for Socom: confrontation. The code never came. There is no one to complain to, and quite frankly...they can keep it.

There will be hell to pay if I don't get my resistance code though.

My point: you folks in the UK aren't missing much.