A Dire Warning About Final Fantasy's Black Magic

Let’s go back. To a time before Jack Thompson, before age ratings. Back to 1980s Canada, when the most pressing concern with video game content—and how it was destroying the youth—was the black magic found in Final Fantasy.

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_-EDMIX-_378d ago

You mean that Satan worship?

inveni0378d ago

I actually remember growing up in church in the 80s and the big scare Satan worship was during that decade. Everything was "bad". We even had a special speaker once who spent the entire service talking about the problem with Care Bears.

I grew up to be an atheist, and my kids aren't taught that magic is real. When I told my oldest (who wanted to play DnD) that his friends (who are predominantly Christian children raised by people my age) may not be allowed to play with him because of the 80s, he was flabbergasted. And rightly so.

People believe a lot of crazy things.

Razzer378d ago

Bet this guy's brain exploded when Diablo was released.

joethetimelord378d ago

Everybody knows that underpaid game designers from Japan are actual wizards.

TC731378d ago

We went from getting offended by black magic, to violence and sex in games, to not enough transgenders in games.

It's like conservatives and liberals switched roles.

_-EDMIX-_378d ago

Lol not necessarily you would have to understand that all people on some level get offended by things to my understanding of both parties have historically had issues that they get offended by regardless.

PSN_ZeroOnyx378d ago

I had Final Fantasy and Wizardry back in the day and my parents understood they were just games, though I don't think they understood my appeal for them.

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