Games Abyss: Champions Online Preview

As The Dark Knight begins to reach the end of its stellar box office run, many of you are probably wondering what spandex clad supermen are going to be taking its place. After such a huge year for the comic book fans in theatres, on consoles and in the books themselves, most will probably going through super-withdrawal sometime soon.

Cue the nationalistic and stirring anthem. Break out the superimposed American flags. Soon, Champions Online will make its way to the PC and XBox 360 console. The minds behind arguably one of the most successful superhero game franchises ever, Cryptic Studios will carry their expertise into the Champions universe in 2009.

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cherrypie3583d ago

This is one of my most anticipated titles of 2009.

I'm very happy they decided to *not* do another Marvel game. I think having a "fresh universe" in which to tell the game's stories is a much better option.