First 9 Minutes Of Disaster: Day Of Crisis…

Sir-G from TrueGameHeadz writes:

"Just like the title said, here is the first 9 minutes of the game which was recently released in Japan this month. Enjoy! And if you want ..."

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PS360WII3527d ago

Awesome looking sweet! That burger he got for health was crazy big lol

M_Prime3526d ago

that looked sweet and fun.. though i hope they make it to some civilization soon.. also.. the burger cracked me up LOL

jorgeanaya0003526d ago

That was pretty cool. When is this game coming? I want to play it.

condorstrike3526d ago

Doesn't get better than that...sweet.
Hopefully it'll be here before christmas.

worth the wait.:)

3rdDimension3526d ago

I think the game will be released this coming November. It was announced recently that it would drop in Europe and America if I am not mistaken. Regardless, the game does look really good for a game that was so under the radar!

jsc249jobal3526d ago

Resident Evil story line and presentation and Dead Rising ridiculus inventory lol The language is definitely meant to show that the Wii has adult titles lol

Close_Second3526d ago

...good as RE4 on the Gamecube. The animation certainly needs work. Could be fun and will be interesting to see how well it sells given its aimed at a different target audience than most other Wii titles.

forum_crawler3526d ago

Apparently some people just can't be pleased, no matter what...

Let's see, RE4 sold over 1 million copies...

cooke153526d ago

You cant judge the graphics from a low res youtube vid

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The story is too old to be commented.