The Witcher 3 Might Be Getting Scorpio Improvements Without An Update - Rumor

According to a rumor circulating online, The Witcher 3 might be getting some Scorpio improvements

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annoyedgamer534d ago

I better see details tomorrow.

Ceaser9857361533d ago

I hear it will be an article reveal. Big things are coming on E3

OpenGL533d ago

the minimum framerate will be higher, obviously Scorpio like the Xbox One S will play regular Xbox One games better. That won't mean much though when a game already sticks to its framerate cap well.

IndominusRex533d ago

But isnt the framerate locked at 30 fps? Wouldnt they have to unlock it etc?

bluefox755533d ago

You'd think so, maybe they just mean fewer drops below 30.

chrisoadamson533d ago

@brich233 PC gamers have different framerates depending on their rig setup and no uproar over multiplayer ! let it be different I say

OpenGL533d ago

That is what I meant bluefox, like the PS4 Pro with Boost mode, Scorpio will probably make unpatched Xbox One games have fewer framerate drops.

Whether that's worth $400-500 or whatever is another discussion entirely

ULTp0ltergeist533d ago

I wonder if Scorpio players will get a benefit in multiplayer with better frame rates against original Xbox One

brich233533d ago

For the shooters: Cod, Halos, Gears, and battlefields are all 60 fps. The PVP games under 60 that are 30fps games I recall are Destiny, and Rainbow Six siege and For honor. I wonder myself if they would allow it, It would probably be a little bit unfair but not gamebreaking.

Obscure_Observer533d ago

They are not. MS already confirm games will have the same framrate on both consoles. Forza Horizon 3 for example, will run at 30fps on multiplayer mode for both Scorpio and Xbox One

Hardiman533d ago

If this pisses me off so you don't have time to do a little for the Pro but for Microsoft no problem. I believe they said they were done with the Witcher as the reason why no Pro patch.

Hardiman533d ago

Well I feel like an idiot as it seems the Scorpio will upscale it without an update but if they do have to patch it then my initial comment stands!

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franwex533d ago

It is inevitable that some games will get patched for the new hardware. I believe Bethesda already announce patches. The difference between ps4 and ps4pro is not that dramatic as supposedly the Xbone and Scorpio will be. Maybe the power gap will give some games a second wind.

zivtheawesome533d ago

read the article again, it says that the witcher would just stick to 1080p instead of using a dynamic scaling resolution

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RufusvonBalsac533d ago

Like ps4 pro boost mode. Smoother framerate. That game needs that.

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