D+PAD: WipEout HD Review

D+PAD: WipEout HD's a satisfying climax to the recent splurge of quality available on PSN. With Siren: Blood Curse giving us the heebie-jeebies earlier this summer, and Ratchet returning with an impressive, albeit short, swashbuckling adventure a few weeks back, Sony's really not getting much wrong with their download service at the moment.

The wealth of features and enhancements ensure that WipEout HD is the best iteration in the time-honoured series so far. And while it might not bring anything particularly new to the formula, it's the game that most WipEout fans will have always dreamed of, and if you weren't already one of them, might just be the game to convert you. For the incredible price, it's an unmissable package.

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Daves3553d ago

What he said ^^^

Would be great to be able to purchase this at midnight... when is it most likley to appear at the store?