Game Vortex: Outcry Review

Game Vortex writes: "There is nothing new about the wheel. We pretty much have it figured out. It has worked for a few years, so why are people constantly trying to reinvent it? We are constantly trying to add something to an existing genre to make it bigger and better. Take the point and click adventure, for example. I believe there is an elegance to their design. A trueness like the wheel that made them virtually perfect in their initial state. Sure, you might say that point and click adventure games are nothing more than visual extensions of the original text games, but I really look at text games as the rough edges that were smoothed off to make the wheel that is the point and click adventure genre. No denying the age of the genre and the fact we have passed it by as an antiquated genre, but it is games like Outcry that remind us of the simple goodness in the design of the genre. No huge frills. No genre-jumping features attempting to change how we look at point and click adventures. Just a good story attached to a good puzzler."

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