10 years of Medal of Honor

If you didn't know, today marks the tenth anniversary of the Medal of Honor series. To celebrate the occasion, EA is releasing the Medal of Honor: 10th Anniversary bundle. Packed in the box is every PC Medal of Honor game from the last ten years. (That's five for those of you who can't count.) Priced at $39.99, that means it's roughly $7.99 per game. The games (Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Spearhead, Medal of Honor Breakthrough, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director's Edition, and Medal of Honor Airborne) combine for over 50 single player levels and more than two dozen multiplayer maps.

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Harry1903585d ago

on the PS1 were the best in my opinion. The first one on PS2 was not bad either. Became a little repetitive and soulless afterwards.

Montrealien3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I may be one of the few, but I had a blast with Airborn. But I do agree, the first ones where something special at the time. And Allied Assault on the PC was amazing at the time, my 32 mg videocard was blowing me away on one of the most intense normandy landing ever at the time.

schmeidenkamp3585d ago

of the same boring crap.
quit milkin the franchise

I Call 9MM3585d ago

Allied Assault was definitely one of the best FPS games of it's time. Spearhead was great too. Breakthrough wasn't too bad either. Actually, it was pretty good itself but faced with games like Call of Duty it couldn't really keep up, graphically or otherwise. Multiplayer in every version was fun though (damn bazookas though).

Pacific Assault got bad reviews, but I always enjoyed it. It was the first (or one of the first) games to explore the Pacific Theater in WWII, and you got to play as the US Marines instead of the Army, giving you a fairly different set of kit to use, never mind the Japanese weapons you could pick up. Springfield rifles instead of M1 garands, Reising SMGS, semi auto shotguns, it mixed things up. It had some slight squad commands (which I mostly used to call my medic, lol), but the game was, admittedly, linear almost to a fault, which kind of sucked. Still fun, I recommend it. Crappy multiplayer though,

Airbourne was alright, played it on the 360. Not the greatest game ever, but still fun. Parachuting into every level was a neat idea, and for the most part it worked well.