PlayTM: Final Fantasy IV Review

PlayTM writes: "I hate feeling old, so it is particularly terrifying to think there might be people with a Nintendo DS who weren't even alive in 1991. Is the youth the target demographic for this new port of Final Fantasy IV? No. Nor is it older people who've never had the opportunity to play it before. With the difficulty stacked on a considerably higher shelf than your average title, Final Fantasy IV DS is a port for people who've either finished the game before and know it pretty well, or masochists prepared to learn the hard way. An odd move, perhaps, until you look at the sales charts and realise it's only Square Enix devotees who would choose this over Brain Training and Nintendogs in the first place.

I sit nicely within the former category, so with this I begin my third play-through of Final Fantasy IV. There are more variants of this game now than there are Saturday evening musical talent shows. You've got the absolute original Japanese release of Final Fantasy IV, the American release with its difficulty gimped for an expectedly-thick Western audience released as Final Fantasy II. Then there's Final Fantasy IV EasyType, a Japanese-only update which took the easy American version and made it even simpler. It doesn't stop here, though, with additional tweaked ports being plonked on the PlayStation, Wonderswan and GBA, each one diddling various parts here and there to create a somewhat-unique interpretation. Enter the DS, and the first version of the game that's tapped into the third-dimension to produce some rather impressive and eye-catching handheld graphics."

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