PlayTM: Producer LP Pharand on Far Cry 2

PlayTM writes: "Easily one of a packed festive season's most widely anticipated releases, Far Cry 2 could mark the emergence of a major new franchise. Publisher Ubisoft certainly think so, having acquired the rights to the franchise from original creator Crytek - and putting and their Montreal studio to work for more than three years on a sequel-with-a-difference. New setting, new story, open-world gameplay... only the ever-popular hang-glider seems to have survived unscathed. We sat down in Montreal with Louis-Pierre Pharand, producer, to find out more.

Q: Far Cry 2's been in the works for me than three years now, have you been involved the whole time?

A: Not all the time. I joined Ubi just over three years ago, and that was to work on Far Cry which was just underway."

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Domer253736d ago

If this is not on your must buy list, it should be. Pondering to buy for ps3 or 360? My pc sux, though choice.