UGO: Buzz! Quiz TV Review

UGO writes: "While Microsoft continues to dominate gaming's online space with their for-pay architecture which puts ease of use at the forefront, Sony gains ground in inches and degrees by placing control of that community space back into the hands of the gamers. With console-exclusive products as diverse as SingStar, LittleBigPlanet and Home all offering or preparing to offer significant content creation tools to the end-user, it's clear that the console giant's overarching plan involves taking back the online space by way of user generated content. Relentless Software's Buzz! Quiz TV is the latest salvo in Sony's ongoing efforts; the quiz show game, made popular on PlayStation 2, is finally landing this week complete with some snazzy new features on PlayStation 3."

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meepmoopmeep3554d ago

i know i'm trying to cut back on buying games,
but i'm getting this game for sure.

Beast_Master3554d ago

I am with you man, I think I need to wait closer to x-mas when I will have more family around to play it though.