MeriStation giving away 1250 LBP keys

Spanish site MeriStation is giving 1250 keys. Good luck!

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fia09baby3582d ago

Sent my email: too bad u gotta wait till tomorrow to recieve it.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

If i send 1 BILLION eMails i wonder if i'll get them all!!! ;-D
Worth a try;) Erm 1 eMail that is!!!;)

fia09baby3582d ago

You big fat selfish pig

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3582d ago is LBP!!! ;-D
(I wish everyone got 1 really) ;)

Freezingduck3582d ago

Common!!! Oh well, worst comes to worst; it's only a month away

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tuney413582d ago

Might as well give it a try

XXXCouture3582d ago

i read this at the gaf forums "Oh sh*t, I just played a Rickroll level! The level was nothing more than riding on a slowly moving train rolling past pictures of Rick Astley."


fia09baby3582d ago

I tried hope i get in i used google translater to translate the whole article

RevN8r3582d ago

If I end up getting a beta key from every site I've tried with each account I've tried with (I know, it's unlikely), I'll end up having to do one of these promotions myself ;)

kydrice3582d ago

lol XXX thats freakin hilarious.

ZombieNinjaPanda3582d ago

If you do get a lot of betas, do you mind giving me one?

So far everything I have tried has basically not worked. :(

jwatt3582d ago

I seen when the guy made that level when he was streaming it live, it was funny.

UnSelf3582d ago

so all u do is send them an email correct?

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jacktheripper3582d ago

Keeping my fingers crossed. sux u have to wait till tomarrow

NovusTerminus3582d ago

I don't know if a someone from the US can do this, but oh well, I sent it.