Outraged Gamers Protest Persona 5's Anti-Spoiler Policies By Spoiling The Game Using Twitter Bots

Game Revolution: "As bad as that was, Persona 5 is a severe case. Spoiler content has been reported in numerous comment sections of related articles around the web, and social media has been flooded with spoilers regarding the game, including tweets and Facebook posts. These go well beyond what the industry is used to seeing, with dozens if not hundreds of bots automatically sending replies and quoted retweets with sensitive material to anything tagged with #Persona5 and affiliated hashtags."

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_-EDMIX-_497d ago


I don't understand?

So the fans of the game protest by spoiling it for other fans? They're not hurting the company , they're technically hurting its fans. These are some stupid stupid people.

SaveFerris498d ago

Why do people want to spoil the game for others?

Eonjay498d ago

Why would someone be 'outraged' about a request not to spoil the game for others? Because there is no such thing as outrage. Its all just an excuse to be an ass.

_-EDMIX-_497d ago

Absolutely agreed

there was several times where I wanted to take a screenshot because of how amazing the game looks and I was unable to but I never resorted to outrage I just actually forgot about it and continued playing the game.

It is a nice feature don't get me wrong but for god sakes people it cannot technically be the entire game for you guys to be getting so upset as if you don't have cameras on your phone lol

zuul9018498d ago

Why do people want to play a game? For entertainment.
Why spoil a game and create arguments with people? For entertainment.
Why go to xbox articles and post about how xbox sucks? For entertainment.
Everyone here pointing the finger is really god damn ironic. We all do stupid petty shit for enjoyment. Thats what these people are doing.
You have 2 really easy options. 1. Stop using social media til you beat the game (or preferably forever)
2. Dont let it bother you

xX-oldboy-Xx498d ago

sorry to say mate - but you sound like a douche

Silly gameAr498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

So, are you an xbox fanboy pretending to be an "outraged gamer" or an xbox fanboy trying to make some kind of twisted point? You sound like a baby either way. Probably would have been best to keep your opinion to yourself, because I think you just gave yourself away.

zuul9018498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

@oldboy yea im douche
@silly gamear im not pretending to be anything sir, im a baby i guess. I own an xbox though and a pc and a wii. Wasnt making a stance sir. I couldve substituted "why do patrioys fans go on seahawks articles and say pats rules" but i didnt think many here would know that to be true. Why should i have kept my opinion to myself though? And what did i give away? Youre reading way to into simple statements sir.

The irony gets strong here though haha. Everyone calling people immature or "asses" and the responses i get are "youre a baby" and "youre a douche" its gold stuff here boys haha. I hope somebody out there gets a laugh from this

Silly gameAr498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Well, I was just asking, sir. Otherwise, why bring up xbox articles, and people screaming xbox sucks, when that happens to every console on N4G including PC? I just thought it was kind of weird.

zuul9018498d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Because i think you would have to be naive to act as though its not massively tilted.
Chill sir i wasnt doin a console thing, i think ps4s the best right now alright or switch or pc whatever you have(whatever hole that fills for people hats off). I was using that as a point to the rest of my argument. I also used other examples (3) so not sure why you thought that was what i was going for. As i said it seemed more applicable than the patriots seahawks one (which also happens, coming from a saints fan).

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il-JumperMT497d ago

I want to take screenshots for myself but I cannot.
FFXV also had this, the ending had some beautiful screenshots I wanted to take but were blocked,.

TheGamez100498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Ooh boy, I know the sharing thing sucks but to spoil people that bad? Ima need to finish the game soon and avoid anything persona related on the internet

Dark_Knightmare2498d ago

This right here is why gaming isnt as respected as other forms of entertainment. It's filled with basement dwelling in parents house no life trolls who use the anonymity of the internet and gaming services to act like children and get off on ruining games for people or personally attacking people because of their own inadequaticies it's truly pitiful

zuul9018498d ago

Okay, thats not just gamers though, people hate on everything and like to do shit that may not make sense. A lot of these people get their entertainment from stuff like this, maybe just dont let it bother you? 1st ammendment protects everyone.
Sometimes people just dont like being told not to do something they have a right to do. People hate movies that arent out, have no trailers, just let it be. Everyone reacting to it is what makes it enjoyable. I say let em do em. Maybe this is all they have, their lifes shitty or what have you. Let em have their fun. Somebody can reply "fuck you" to me i dont care man. Let people be people.

InTheZoneAC498d ago


whoever is using these bots needs to be purged from this world. We must start somewhere because stupid people are overwhelming this world.

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