GamePro: The love-hate relationship with review scores

Review scores are too complex. What began as a useful tool for players to compare and prioritize games has now become a confusing, lopsided, and political mess.

Consider score explanation guides, which often appear in magazines and review sites to interpret what should be easily understood: is a game any good? Furthermore, "average" games routinely score in the 80th percentile now, and the credibility of ratings are compromised when sly publishers allegedly work the system in exchange for favorable reviews (see also: Jeff Gerstmann).

So what's a gamer to do? Should scores in reviews be thrown out altogether?

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name3437d ago

Good to see gampro writing something about this.

IMO games should be rated on a 5 point scale with .5's in between. This system works much better than a 10 point for several reasons. For one thing, the 10 point system has already been killed. "Average" games shouldn't be given 7's they should be given 5's.

Secondly, just like the article said, you read reviews just to wonder if the game is good or not. 5 out of 5 doesn't mean a game is perfect, it means its a great and solid experience. 10 out of 10 however means perfect. There isn't a game that is looked at as perfect by everyone. 5 out of 5 is great and straight to the point. It summarizes the opinion while leaving you fully capable to disagree. You're also more likely to be willing to try a 3/5 game than a 6/10 game. The 5 point scale gives you room to make up your own mind about things.

Last, the 10 point scale is just fuel for fanboy fights. Seriously, look at every review for a high profile game that is on a 5 point scale. It barely gets attention because it's really hard to blow a 4/5 out of proportion, whereas you can do it with an 8/10 since there are soooo many .1's to count. 5/5 let's everyone know what you REALLY want to know without getting too strong a stranglehold on the gaming community.

u got owned3437d ago

I think any system work fine when it come to score reviews. The problem is the people that write the reviews are bias and this will always be a common problem, because reviews are just personal opinions.

The best way to review a game is to play it and judge it yourself. What is an average game for some may be a great game for others.