CVG: Pure Review

CVG writes: "What does the word Pure make you think of? An abstinence of immoral vices? An untouched tropical beach? Orange juice? We'll hedge our bets and guess that 99.9% of people won't be thinking of ATVs racing around cliff tops. OK, so it's only a name, but tell that to the makers of Juiced who've had their series written-off because nobody knew what it was about amongst established titles like Need For Speed, Burnout and Ridge Racer. It's the same situation for Disney's off-road racer as it goes up against established names like MotorStorm, MX vs. ATV and DiRT.

Pure can certainly hold its own in terms of gameplay, mind. Like a cross between MotorStorm and SSX, Pure combines frantic races around wonderful landscapes with equally wondrous tricks. You have to pump your jumps by pulling back and pushing forward on the left stick - just like the MX series originally introduced."

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