CVG: This is Hardcore - A 1000 casual titles vs. the 10 toughest games on 360

CVG writes: "Welcome to a world where the best player doesn't win; where the fastest driver in Mario Kart is the one who almost always loses; where the player who knows the answers to the questions is beaten by the guy who answered wrongly fastest. Welcome to a world with no scores and no sense of achievement; where gamers play games by frantically flapping their wrists about.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Xbox World 360 has a beef with casual games, but you'd be quite wrong. We love a bit of Wii Sports and can't get enough of XBLA-bound PC ball-dropper Peggle, but the push towards the casual end of the gaming spectrum has profoundly affected the world of gaming as a whole. It's ruined Mario Kart, wrecked Super Smash Bros, and it's about to hit the 360 with all the destructive force of the meteor from Armageddon - except made entirely of shite."

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