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those who can not afford big gaming rigs, should not be excluded from the gamer community. Everyone who plays games, from your grandma to your 3 year old, is a gamer, and its time to stop shitting on "the casuals"

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FionnaFox109d ago

Casual Gamers are people too...
Whose with me? Maybe we can give them the small corner over there?

fleecejohnson75109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

People should if only because they are the ones that make up most of a base for these numbers that people love bragging about nowadays in the world of gaming. They buy what's suggested to them often, help expand the bases & market & often spend impulsively which may help some games gather traction as they are at times mot as discerning as seasoned gamers & such. Anyone who thinks that a machine is successful wirhout them are delusional. Besides, everyone starts off as a casual gamer. You can't be hardcore about schitt in this world unless you get involved with it at least once.

Roblogfett109d ago

Very true, sad that one needs to say we all started as not gamers. I think in time the few loud voices will be drowned out by the many saying enough is enough.

spartan112g108d ago

I never was a casual gamer. I went from not a gamer to full gamer. Casual gamer does not equate to not being a gamer.

meka2611108d ago

Umm no. My mom who plays bubble witch is not a gamer and wouldn't even consider calling herself a gamer. Don't have anything against casual gamers, but when the industry follows them for what to do next is just stupid. If you try to cater to the minority the majority suffer. And let's be honest, who do game companies make the real money on; casual or hardcore?

ShaunCameron108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Only one problem, though. The casual crowd was never the minority.

Believe it or not, casual. Especially in the case of hardware-manufacturers.

fenome108d ago

Last I heard Candy Crush was making over $600,000 every single day. That's an absurd amount of money no matter how you slice it.

opinionated108d ago

I disagree. A gamer is someone that considers gaming a hobby. We all do things that we don't consider hobbies. I like going to the pool and beach but I'm not a "swimmer". Someone can play candy crush and not consider themselves a gamer.

Skill level or dedication is still not a correct term of measurement, the market speaks. Casual gaming is highly profitable. Stuff like candy crush makes a ridiculous amount of money with a dedicated base. Does that make them gamers automatically? Not in my opinion. That is a personal opinion that ranks on interest.

Many of us know of the publishers and developers who make the games we play, we know their history, we know their ups and downs. We know of great games spanning generations. A gamer looks at the entire industry in a different way than a casual does. It is a distinct difference in interest. Any hobbyist knows more about their interests than the casually partaken. It's not an insult, it's just the way it is. If you want to call yourself a gamer because you have spent thousands on clash of clans then I have nothing against you, welcome aboard.

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The story is too old to be commented.