GameZone: MotoGP 08 Preview

The MotoGP series has long been a staple in the racing genre, offering realistic handling and a Grand Prix experience on motorcycles. After years of changing publisher hands, the MotoGP series falls into the hands of Capcom, who are prepping MotoGP 08 for launch on the Xbox 360 this October. GameZone was recently given a crack at early preview code for the game, and the result is what you've come to expect from the series, namely realistic racing mechanics geared for hardcore MotoGP fans.

If you've played a previous MotoGP title, then you should know what you'll find in MotoGP 08. The game allows you to enter the world of professional motorcycle racing, creating a player in the career mode and choosing from several different bikes as you get started. At first, you'll only be able to select from three different motorcycles, but as you progress through the career, you'll be able to unlock more bikes, as well as helmets for your racer. Advanced users will also be able to tweak their bike to their own specific racing style.

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highps33587d ago

When will they learn? We all know what old school motorcycle game should be remade... Holla at cher timberwolf