How To: Get your friends and relatives into gaming

Console Monster writes: "I assume that since you are here at Console Monster you have some passion for gaming. Be it small or incredibly hardcore, you love games. But do your friends and family? Do they look at the hours you whittle away playing video games and think you need to get out more? Well, if so, this guide could be for you. It's always nice to have a close friend with who you can discuss and play games with, but not everyone is into games surprisingly enough. So how do you go about converting them to your hobby? There is no set easy way, but hopefully these tips will get your friends to realise you aren't that sad.

Tip #1: Don't force them

Not everyone immediately gets into gaming. I've been into video games since I was a youngster and my love has progressed from there, but it may be harder to convert other people to gaming. The main point is to not force them to do anything. Don't shove a controller in their hands and force them to play Halo 3 with you. It never works!..."

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