Game Stooge Review: Ion Rock Band Drum Kit

Game Stooge writes: "Since early 2008 I've been playing, or rather, I've been addicted to the game Rock Band. Early on I found myself playing drums or vocals almost exclusively. In fact the number of hours I've put into playing drums on Rock Band probably exceeds the time I've spent playing every other game this year….combined.

Having played the drums so much, I've built up quite a collection of upgrades and mods over the last few months. I've installed gum rubber pads, purchased better drum sticks, installed arm supports, bought an Omega Pedal kit and purchased a Roc-n-Soc drum throne. Having done all that, I really felt like I had the best Rock Band drum set up I could possibly have given the options available. You can imagine, then, my excitement when the announcement for the new Ion Drum Kit came out a couple of months ago."

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