Yet Another Grand Theft Auto Sale on the PlayStation Store; Mostly Everything 50% Off

GeekReply: Now the PSN Store is continuing the savings until next Monday with another Grand Theft Auto sale.

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Neonridr621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

sometimes I wish they would put the cash cards on sale by themselves. Seems silly that I could get the digital game plus a cash card for less than just buying the cash card alone. I already own the game, I don't need a second copy :P

OctaneLord620d ago

I wish they would just drop the price of GTAV altogether. It's been years since release. Time to stop milking it and give gamers something to look forward to with GTAVI.

brokasfawk620d ago

Top sellers don't get huge price drops

If you buy much from either ps or xbox store you'll see the patterns

KwietStorm620d ago

They sold millions of copies just last year. When people don't feel the need to buy it at retail price, they'll think about a discount. But if you don't have GTA V by now, they probably couldn't care less about you. 75+ mil, they made more than enough money to worry about any new gamers.

roadkillers620d ago

That's not true, they want as many people as they can get for the next GTA. It's a corporation, one thing they enjoy over money is more money.

620d ago