Game Focus: Facebreaker Review

Game Focus writes: "It was surprising when EA Chicago was shut down and the entire team of Fight Night Round 3 was disbanded in favor of an arcade boxer with cartoon aesthetics. While there's a new Fight Night down the pipes, EA is shining the spotlight on Facebreaker, their latest title in a new line of 'EA Freestyle' sports games. It's a solid brawler that's easy to get in to, but ultimately it's only as well-known as it is because of its budget – not its quality."


+ Phenomenal visuals!
+ Punching friends is awesome!
+ Facebreaker moves are hysterical!
+ Putting your own face in to the game works really well!
+ Great animation and facial expressions!


- 'Brawl for it All' career is ridiculously difficult...
- Too-simple combat will make you miss Fight Night...
- 'Brawl for it All' career is ridiculously difficult...
- Unoriginal

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