Game Focus Review: Rock Band 2

Game Focus writes: "Released back in November 2007, Rock Band took the gaming world by storm and redefined the music/rhythm genre by presenting an audacious product that everyone dreamt about but no one actually had the balls to do it. Almost a year after the phenomenal success that was the first game, Harmonix has just released Rock Band 2 and even if it doesn't re-invent the core gameplay, this sequel presents an interesting line-up of changes and additions that makes it even better than the first."


+ The track list
+ The Ability to rip and use the tracks of your previous Rock Band game
+ Wireless instruments (if you buy them)*
+ The track sorting system
+ Online World Tour Mode
+ Band characters are no longer tied to any one instrument
+ Battle of the Bands and Challenge modes expand the replay value
+ Did I say the track list?
+ Expanded character customization
+ Drum Trainer and No Fail mode are nice additions


- Where's my cowbell?
- Buying for the first time can be costly but worth it now that the instruments are wireless

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