Gamedaily: Mega Man 9 Review

Gamedaily writes: "Mega Man 9 looks similar to its NES prequels and is just as challenging. It begins as a group of dastardly robots is up to no good, and Blue Bomber must bring them down. Upon defeating these robots, he equips himself with their specialty weapon and uses them on other opponents. This adds some strategy to the otherwise straightforward shooting formula, as some weapons work more effectively against different enemies.

You'll face off against eight new bosses, as well as a few surprise ones towards the end. Our personal favorite, believe it or not, is Splash Woman. Not only does she break away from the usual "(Blank)" Man standard, she's also got a nifty weapon, the Laser Trident. Think of her as the Little Mermaid, but with attitude."

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PS360WII3584d ago

Man sounds like everyone is in agreement that Mega Man 9 rocks! :)

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