Videogamer: Dead Space Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "'In space the stars are no nearer / they just glitter like a morgue / And I dreamed I was a spaceman / burned like a moth in a flame / And our world was so ****ing gone.'

The happy-go-lucky words of Marilyn Manson, folks. While it's a tad unlikely that Mazza was thinking about video games when he wrote them, these lyrics somehow remind us of our time with Dead Space, prowling the blood-spattered corridors of the USG Ishimura. There's something extremely lonely about being trapped aboard a space ship with a small army of razor-clawed aliens, but it's important to keep your mind focused and your finger on the trigger. Feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere - and besides, it's kinda hard to give yourself a hug when something just tore off both your arms."

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