Talk Xbox: New Dashboard Update in November?

TalkXbox Writes: "...Joystiq are reporting that the new dashboard update will be arriving in November.

An ad over Xbox Live for an upcoming Rock Band 2 event apparently says "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November!"

The new update is part of the Microsoft's 'New Xbox Live Experience', and the next dashboard update for the 360 will be featuring a whole host of new features and a complete make-over.

No news as to whether this claim is true or not, so stay tuned for more updates..."

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DA_SHREDDER3435d ago

They said they are updating xbox live this coming monday. they said they are implementing new features.

militant073435d ago

everyone got that massege its says they are perparing for it and at end of letter "its coming this fall"

n9com3435d ago

Pretty much certain that it will be out in November, it has been said many times before and this image is practically proof.

jkoz3435d ago

Oh well, better later than never.


I got a message on Xbox Live saying a new Update is coming on monday.

iceice1233435d ago

The message says the down time is preparation for the update coming this holiday season.

Lygre3435d ago

Xbox Live will be down for about 24 hours on monday due to maintenance. There will be no new features when Live is up and running again. There will be no "New Xbox Experience" after the maintenance.

They are just making Xbox Live ready for the "NXE" that comes later this year. Probably november/december.

cherrypie3435d ago

And, how the fcuk would this then be "late"?

you people *never* stop do you? Its not *late* at all. Yes, people are eager for it -- but that doesnt mean it is "late".


3435d ago
dantesparda3435d ago

cuz..., what? its been like a year since the last dashboard upate? Come on kid wake up

Xelai3435d ago

Fall begins 21 September, ends 21 December, so Novemeber is just about the middle, not late really, late would be almost Xmas.

Lord Vader3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Late for what ??? Supper ??? I don't remember a *cough* HOME *cough* release date....

"Brumack = it's what's for Dinner".

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n9com3435d ago

I just hope it isn't slow, the way it looks makes me think it will not give a smooth experience like the current dashboard.

Imallvol73435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

It can't get any worse. I dislike the dashboard system. And the marketplace is so hard to navigate.

kwicksandz3435d ago

Its better than the awful aus PSN store. not even a bloody demos tab FFS

Shaka2K63435d ago

The poor xbugs gotta wait until november for a new Dashboard?
LMAO even more waiting for the xbugs on the waitbox 3rd60, as usuall microsuck is always many steps behind Sony.

YoshiMeetsU3435d ago

LOL! You are pure comedy gold!

Freezingduck3435d ago

Didn't that thing coming out September 25?

PS3 gets their HOME in October; GG Homeless Xbot

JasonPC360PS3Wii3435d ago

You should realy buy a 360, after all the PS3 tries so hard to be like it... oh it also has games not interactive movies :)

tehReaper3435d ago

I'm sure xbots would rather be HOMEless, than homo.

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