GamersInfo Review: Galaga Legions writes: "Galaga is one of my old-school arcade favorites, so when I saw a fancy, flashy new game pop up on Xbox Live Arcade, I felt the need to give it a spin. I mean, given all the quarters I pumped in back in the day, what's a few more bucks given to Namco?

First up are the visuals. I really, really like the look of this game. Whomever did the artwork and visual effects really had a good grasp on Galaga as far as "retro updated." That's PURELY a personal preference, but I really felt like someone had taken the old Galaga enemies, pumped them up on some BALCO steroids and sent them into the future to do battle with me once again. Lots of flashy battle effects make the battles furious and cool, but I never really feel overwhelmed or irritated that the screen is too busy. The sound also has some old samples that it uses to connect itself to its predecessor, but I felt that the sound was generically lost in the roar of explosions and laser fire (another tie-in to old arcades, no doubt). My only complaint is that the original Galaxian skins are titled "Ancient." Hey, I remember those! Where's my cane? All in all, though, I heartily approve of the multimedia presentation in Galaga Legions."

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