Mark Hoekstra has passed away

Geektechnique writes: "Mark suffered a heart attack on Wednesday the 17th while on his bicycle. He was admitted to the hospital and kept in a coma. Friday night he was pronounced braindead. In the spirit of his open source thinking, his family agreed to a donor procedure for which Mark was kept alive. He finally passed away on Saturday morning. Mark had just turned 34 on the 12th.

With Marks passing away, the future of this site has become uncertain. While we are sure the site will remain online for a considerable time to come, we are looking for a proper way to honour Mark and his assembled works.

I dont know if many people here recognise the name Mark Hoekstra but there's a good chance most people here will have seen is work. Mark was a hardware hacker from the Netherlands whos work has been featured on sites like HackADay and

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