Fusion Mods Review: Space Siege

Fusion Mods write: "Space Siege is top down action/role-playing game developed by Chris Taylor (creator of Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander) You play as Seth Walker a member of the Allied Security Force that has a interest in robots. Seth is on board the colony ship, The Armstrong and there's a good chance that The Armstrong contains all that's left of humanity after an alien race known as the Kerak hunted down and wiped out all humanity. The game begins with the Armstrong escaping from the Kerak fleet but not before the aliens attach a battle pod full of Kerak solider to the hull of your ship. Overall the plot isnt great, its got a lot of clichs, some of the twists in the story are too predictable and there are holes in the plot big enough for for the Armstrong to fly through but some may argue that its supposed to be that way and your not to take the plot to seriously."

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