Games We Want Remastered

Jacob S. from Link-Cable writes: "Remastered editions of classic titles can go either way. While some games end up being praised for their enhanced versions, others may be received with anger by disgruntled fans for tinkering with their favorite games. It’s always between the gray line and that won’t change anytime soon, but having said that, there are some titles we do want to be remastered and see on our modern consoles. Here are the Link-Cable staff’s personal picks as to which title we want to see remastered."

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sonarus413d ago

I would rather have a new resistance title than a remake personally. A new one by Insomniac on PS4 might be a treat to see

crazychris4124413d ago

Insomniac have said they wouldn't do a remaster for it so it would be a smaller company like the ppl who did the Uncharted collection.

Coworker just lent me their PS3 today with the trilogy and I got up to the stalker in Manchester. Pretty good game so far, feels old school in a good way.

413d ago
jreeves82413d ago

Mass Effect trilogy for me!

opinionated413d ago

I'm ready for the system shock 2 remaster personally. Power stone would be another good one.

CrimzonRazor413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

SS2 wont happen

opinionated412d ago

I believe it already is lol

CrimzonRazor412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

has not shipped has not happened, last thing I could find on it was 2013 its now 2017 not looking good for a remaster.

Fist4achin413d ago

Black, xenogears, legend of dragoon, ghost in the shell (not bc the movie), metal gear solid,... to name a few.

CrimzonRazor413d ago

NO MORE REMASTERS.....we need new stuff not redressed versions of the same stuff

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