SLI & Centrino 2: Gaming Laptops Battle (Tom's Hardware Review)

Chris Angelini writes: In between Alienware's flair and Killer Notebook's software tweaks sits the ASUS G71V. As with the Eurocom, we aren't going to recommend this one as a gaming platform. Its processor and graphics card both lag the competition, and we didn't see playable frame rates in any of the gaming tests, save Unreal Tournament 3. But again, this is another example of a reasonable desktop workstation based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform. It includes all of the latest technology wrapped into a package priced just over $2,000, making it the least expensive option here. And the company's software extras show its desire to add value. While we like the G71's rugged paint job, this one's not quite muscular enough to be one of ASUS' lauded Republic of Gamers offerings.

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