UncleGamer Radio - Interview with Greg Canessa, VP from PopCap Games

TalkingAboutGames: While we work on preparing the full episode of UncleGamer Radio for this week, we present this special interview with Greg Canessa, VP of the Video Game Platform Group at PopCap Games.

We sit down with Greg to talk about last week's release of Feeding Frenzy 2 on the Xbox Live Arcade, the forthcoming release of Peggle on XBLA, and the upcoming DS games.

If you're a Peggle fan, you're in for a treat, as Greg gives us some exclusive information on what we can expect in Peggle XBLA, the price point of the game, and the map pack releases. Greg also gives us a surprise bit of news about the multiplayer modes coming as part of the Arcade release.

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skelter3497d ago

If they port Warhammer Online over to the 360, as well, I'll throw my PC out the window.