Sony: Update on the US Beta keys giveaway process

Sam, SCE Developer, has just revealed through the official SCEA Forums new details on how the LBP Beta key giveaway process will be done. Sam stated that 'More codes are being issued through a website today, but I'm unable to say which one.'

Other than that, this is what Sam declared:
-Several sites will be giving out thousands of codes in the next 5 days.
-Email invitations are being sent today.
-These are the only ways to get into the beta.
-The LittleBigPlanet News Site will be giving out more details tomorrow.

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lociefer3312d ago

thts awesome , but plz dont waste any on portugeese , frensh or whatever other not-all-peapole-understand sites so that all can have a chance at participating

Vip3r3312d ago

Was that supposed to be racist or just a random outburst of words?

lociefer3312d ago

neither , nor , its just for peapole to have equal rights at obtaining a beta code , most peapole dont undertand other languages other than english , and dont tell me to learn more or smthin , i can speak englsih , frensh , deutch ,but am just sayin for most peapole that cant.

Drekken3312d ago

Yeah okay, Loci... you just dont spell/speak any of them well, eh? Jack of all languages, master of NONE.

LOL @ Viper - you peapoles!!

3312d ago
Drekken3312d ago

MRDXPR - Do you think it matters where I live?? You think I care if you get it or not?? I know what I want and could give two sh!ts about what you want. Has nothing to do about where I am from.

zo6_lover273312d ago

Yeah, he can only speak englsih well

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FunAndGun3312d ago

Hopefully I will be able to snag one this time!

SofaTron3312d ago

seriously. that beta should be coming out asap.

Samwise3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Do qore members get beta codes? Or is it just at random?

thePatriot3312d ago

why the hell do I have that thing anyways?

Oner3312d ago

I'm betting next months Qore will have LBP beta...

tocrazed4you3312d ago

This goes to show you HOW CRAZY LBP will be. This indeed will be a game that will sell tons. For those still in denial LOOK AT HOW CRAZY THE WORLD IS GETTING OVER beta keys. Imagine when the FULL game comes out.

trancefreak3312d ago

it is but the key distribution is some what irritating and non systematic.

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The story is too old to be commented.