Gamereactor giving away even more keys

Danish mag Gamereactor: 'In cooperation with NFI we acquired 50 codes for the current beta, and you're able to get one if you send us an email at:

[email protected]

Remember to write "Little Big Planet" in the subject field, and remember it's very limitied.'

(It's not neccesary to create an user.)


Unlike miserly NFI/Gamereactor DK, Gamereactor Finland apperantly has 150 more keys. Check this link: (like the Swedish and Norwegian sites you need a user)

Update 2:
Denmark got 150 more codes. But hurry up!

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socomnick3584d ago

Done, Ill wait to see if I got a key :)

Relcom3584d ago

So you can say it sucks, like you do with all PS3 titles ;)

cahill3584d ago

You will never have a game like LBP on your console

It doesnt matter what u say cuz LBP is the second coming of JESUS

see the madness all over

iceice1233584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Snick what is wrong with you, giving your honest opinion? Can't wait for your valid opinions on LBP, I look forward to reading them. I too will try this method for a key.

Cahill grow up, my comment was related to the article as I stated I was trying for a key, you're the one spamming this place up with fanboy filth, go to the Open Zone please.

Again, Cahill you are blinded by your fanboy ways, not surprising to say the least. Snick does infact have a PS3 and will give a valid opinion on LBP, unlike yourself who is trying to overhype the game.

cahill3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

comments reported as SPAM

a BOT calling another BOT for valid opinion on PS3 games ---ROFL

see the opinions at GAF forums


Socomnick doesnt have a ps3. And jealousy wont save x360 OK
LBP/R2 will be getting 10/10 from most websites. NOw get over it and witness the HAVOC that is unleashed on competition by LBP


go back to your XCAVE
.Nick doesnt have a PS3 cuz people like him and you will never buy a PS3

LBP is the second coming of messiah
get over it BILLY's BOYS

socomnick3584d ago

got in ill be the judge of that cahill.

juuken3584d ago

cahill...calm down.
Seriously. o_O;

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an_idiot3584d ago

I emailed too since I couldn't make an account.

cahill3584d ago

LBP/M2 and R2 are the BIGGEST , BADDEST games this FALL

PS3 has the best lineup of games this Fall --anyone who denies that shouldnt call himself a gamer

tocrazed4you3584d ago

And i got into the other one hopefully this increases my chances cause I did this three times already. Two accounts in game reactor this one no account MUAHAHHA if i get three ill share with two lucky people :D

thor3584d ago

ooh ooh can I be a lucky person? pweeeease?

ZackFair3584d ago

I want to be a lucky person too :(

elelamb3584d ago

And Me........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

cahill3584d ago

the keys disappear like flies

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The story is too old to be commented.